About Us

A:M stands for Absence of Mute, where absence means nonexistence and mute means silent. This abbreviation forms a meaning where there is sound represented through music that is appreciated by the sense of hearing.

The philosophy of A:M is inspired by a period of time called Ante Meridiem that starts from midnight to midday, which is believed to be the time where music can be enjoyed and be understood to another level. After midnight is usually identical to the time when conflicts in mind usually overflowing dealing despondent and often make a lot of people experience insomnia Music often serves yo alleviate the problem both to express feelings take a load of people mint and for relaxation.

Having 'visual' as our identity, A:M develops visualization to an extent where it is used to create atmosphere of the event through animation videography and lighting in order to convert messages to audiences. Furthermore, A:M provides the concept of custom journey experience which aims to make performances but to acknowledge and understand more about music including the message deliver which at last can arouse the feeling of appreciation towards the artist and their artworks.